Spring boot | Tutorial 4 : Understanding Maven and POM.xml

  • What is maven - build tool with project. source gen, compile, package compile into jar and war, install packaged code in repos, gen javadoc
  • Maven is also a project management tool - maintains dependencies, release management, plugin, provides lifecycle
  • easier build process, uniform build system, makes guildelines
  • Why maven?
  • mvn cmd
  • makes maven webapplication project and etc
  • maven structure. pom.xml is in root. will make src/main and src/test.
  • mvn repository 통해서 아티팩트 찾기. 종속 긁어서 복붙하면 종속 추가된다
  • webapp case. have jsp file and web-inf web.xml file
  • jar -> war
  • java is java archieve, war is web archieve. includes more than java code.
  • mvn with eclipse
  • .m2 folder
  • maven repos. local-centeral-remote
  • local repo .m2 -> centeral maven repo -> remote repo on the internet. if nothing found, then error.
  • lifecycle. process of building and distributing is defined.
  • Default - project deploy, Clean - cleaning, Site - documentation.
  • Goals consists lifecycle
  • Default : Validate, Compile, Test, Package, integtest, verify, intsall, deploy
  • makes target folder as build. then it has .class file inside that.
  • package command - makes jar files and war files
  • mvn package
  • in target we have demo-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar file
  • documentation. makes javadoc. inside target, we have site, and we have doc there.


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Published on Nov 15, 2020

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