(Eng CC)탈북하기 위해 태국 감옥 생활이 필수코스라고? ㄷㄷ


  • After we crossed Aprok river, we visited YeonGil, Chingtao, Kkunming, and continued to Thailand
  • There we ride 'crocodile boat' in Mekong river
  • we kept onboard for 2 days in that
  • there we saw banana
  • and buddah statues
  • then we visited a store, looking for police
  • Because we had to be detained in Thailand police to get into South Korea
  • We had to do the mugshot and got into police jail
  • Got two bottles of water, for 11 people
  • Then they took us to a building
  • Thought it was an hotel
  • But it was the jail we had to stay for a month
  • There's hand printings on the wall everywhere
  • On the ceiling there's gekkos
  • And male prisoners stare us every time, so we could not undress the clothes
  • I didn't know Thai people eats without spoon
  • And we got trial
  • In third jail, there's 300 NK prisoners in 165meter square area
  • It's horrible
  • There's 1 TV for 300 people
  • There's three courses to escape from NK. Thai / Mongolia / Lao
  • Lao have NK embassy, so sometimes it is dangerous
  • Mongol have dessert...
  • So the most popular route is Thai
  • So it is almost like a group package tour!
  • There's certain people in certain spot
  • And that guys picks you up
  • And you goto jails and then Korean CIA jail
  • It took me 16 days to escape from NK
  • I was in the jail for only 10 days
  • Bye!


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Published on Jul 17, 2020

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