Hegemony - 10 Minute Philosophy - Terms

  • Antonio gramsi, made 'prison notebooks' in passism era
  • 1950s pub, translated in 1970
  • lets discuss how power and works
  • Clip - Conan the barbarian
  • "steel is not string. flesh is stronger'
  • belief is more stronger than weapons
  • gramsy - people dont control ideas. ideas control people.. so power wield people, not the other way around
  • Lets say Joe agreed on some idea. Then he follows his judgement and continues -> this is hegemony
  • your judgements, your ideas are given to you, because these ideas are just in your head. and you accept passively and you follows
  • Cultural hegemony, seen in Lord Voldmort of Harry Porter
  • metaphor with aladin. he is not free until he let his Gini go free, and there's dishonesty premised.
  • idea is given to you by society, not given by you
  • then who is you?
  • Lets say there's distinct you, and you have surrounding called Habitus, and it have network with other Habitas cultures
  • Code switching - you behave something, and with some signal(say, boss's call), behave other way. That is code switch.
  • Someday hope you break the prison of cultural Hegemony


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Published on Sep 05, 2020

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