False Consciousness

  • This is category under behavioural science
  • idealoy is false consciousness per se
  • Marx - social being determines consciousness.
  • 3day old child adopted to chinse family is expected to adopt the convention of that culuture
  • Marx - when you look culture, identify which group dominates all the others, and the culture is based on one premis, and they justify to maintain the power.
  • False consciousness - willfully partifipating in their own oppression..
  • Cigarette, high-heels, foot binding
  • 2nd class have motivation to follow the 1st, and distinguish himself with 3rd
  • why 3rd follows?(they are majority)
  • cultural narrative of value
  • How to improve 3rd people's status? Being so(being more devout, obedient, work harder) benefits top class.
  • this is false consciousness
  • People's wrong beliefes - higher social aiding shows supports small goverment. Islam burka promotes feminism. Insurance. Civil war.
  • Karl popper - False consciousness is problematic because it cannot be falsify. falsifiability makes problem.


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Published on Sep 05, 2020

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